What is Leave Me Alone?

Leave Me Alone is a service to easily unsubscribe from spam emails. Simply scan your inbox to see all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with one click.

We also let you know if the email was in spam or trash and help you identify the worst spammers with a counter of the number of emails a sender has delivered to you.

Stop spending time searching for those unsubscribe links and being pestered everyday - spend a few minutes to clear out your inbox once and for all!

An email from LinkedIn which has been received 56 times in the past 6 months

How we are different from Unroll.me

Leave Me Alone differs from Unroll.me and other email unsubscription services in two main ways:

1. We don’t sell your data

We never ever store or sell the content of your emails for marketing or anything else. It’s been reported that Unroll.me do this. Privacy is of utmost importance to us. We built Leave Me Alone as a privacy focused alternative to services like Unroll.me to allow people to unsubscribe from unwanted spam emails without having to compromise their data. You can read about our commitment to privacy and security here.

2. We actually unsubscribe you

When you click to unsubscribe from an email we actually unsubscribe you from that mailing list rather than moving them to trash, hiding them in folders, or applying a label. Unlike Unroll.me this means that those subscriptions are gone forever, even if you stop using Leave Me Alone.

Click the toggle to unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists

There are no hidden fees and no lock in. Leave Me Alone is a paid service so we can continue operating without selling information. Just scan your inbox for subscription emails, remove the ones you don’t want any more, and then enjoy a clean inbox.

Using Leave Me Alone does not mean you are tied to our service. Once you are finished unsubscribing from spam emails you can deactivate your account from your account page to delete all of your data, revoke your API key, and sign you out.

We wont ever sell your data for anything. Ever.

You can find more information in our FAQ, or just send us a DM on Twitter and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

How to switch to Leave Me Alone

Since Unroll.me doesn't actually unsubscribe you from the emails they should still show up when you run a Leave Me Alone scan, you can then unsubscribe from them for real.

We support both Google and Microsoft accounts. To get started login with Gmail or Outlook, scan your inbox for subscriptions, and start unsubscribing. We recommend using our estimator to see how many credits you need based on the size of your inbox.

Don’t forget to set a reminder to scan again to stop new subscriptions filling up your inbox again!

Not convinced?

Leave Me Alone has over 8,000 users who have unsubscribed from 160,000 unwanted emails. We believe in being completely open and transparent - see these and more stats on our open page.

Our customers love it, we’ve been featured in the news for our privacy focus and ease of use, and reached #1 product of the day AND week on Product Hunt.

Still not sure? You can try unsubscribing from a few emails for free and see how easy it is to ditch the ones you no longer want.

Plus, for reading this far you’ve earned 10% off your next scan with coupon SPAM_OFF!

If you have any questions or feedback please send us an email [email protected] or DM on Twitter. We are always looking to improve and hearing what you think is the best way for us to do that!

- Danielle & James